About Us

KLandTM Ltd was established in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand and we’re passionate about providing quality, affordable sportswear to active people in New Zealand and beyond. 

KLandTM Ltd designs and manufactures sportswear under a registered trademark, concentrating on comfort, functionality, fashion and price. KLandTM aims to provide active people with sportswear that’s not only easy to wear and maintain, but also to purchase; Focussing on online sales allows our customers to experience hassle-free shopping whilst saving both time and money.

We’re also committed to providing sportswear that fits well and looks great. With a range of stunning colours available throughout our Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s collections, as well as a full range of sizes, there’s something to suit everyone.

We are 100% NZ owned.

Thanks for visiting www.kland.co.nz and welcome, to the future of sportswear.